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Science and Research: Studies of Material Science at Technical University of Vienna, PhD, Research Scientist at: Imperial College /University of London, England, University Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, University of California - San Diego La Jolla, USA , Max-Planck-Institut of Metal-Research Stuttgart, Germany. 1981 - 2014 full professor at University of Applied Art Vienna, Head of the Institute of Art and Technology, associative professor at Technical University Vienna. Since 2016 director of the Science Visualization Lab, Departement of Digital Art, University of Applied Art Vienna. Around 80 scientific publications in Material Science, Archaeometry and Art Technology.

Film and Television: Education as Cameraman in Vienna, Free-lance Cameraman since 1968, since 1970 work for ORF (Austrian Television) as cameraman, writer, director, producer and host of scientific talk-shows. Writer, director and/or producer of more than 200 prime-time documentaries for ORF, ARD, ZDF, WDR, BR, ARTE, BBC, Discovery, Smithsonian, WNET, etc. Many international TV-Awards among them Emmy-Award 2008 for “Nature Tech”.


Current Projects

University of Applied Arts Vienna
Department of Digital Art

Science Visualization Lab

Alfred Vendl

Stephan Handschuh, Thomas Schwaha

3D Animation
Martina Fröschl

Noise Aquarium - http://noiseaquarium.com


Films And Awards

„Beware of Fake?“ - "Achtung, Fälschung?" (1992 für ORF, 3 Teile a 45 Minuten, MR-Film)

„Rats among us“ - "Ratten unter uns" (Universum 1997 für ORF, ZDF, Discovery, Canal+, 50 Minuten, Interspot-Film)

„Ephesos – Center oft the Antique World“ - "Ephesos - Weltstadt der Antike" (Universum 2000 für ORF, Kirch-Media und BMBWK, 50 Minuten, Interspot-Film)

„Limits of Perception“ - „Grenzen der Wahrnehmung“ (Universum 2001 für ORF, DOCSTAR, Telepool, BMBWK, 50 Minuten, AV Dokumenta)

Awards - U.S.Int.Film-and Video-Festival Los Angeles 2002: Gold Camera Award
- New York Festivals 2003: World Gold Medal

„First Flight“ (Universum 2003 für ORF, BBC, BBC-World, WDR, 50 Minuten, AV Dokumenta)

Awards - U.S.Int.Film-and Video-Festival Los Angeles 2004: Gold Camera Award
- Wild Screen 2004 Bristol UK: Finalist Award
- Cine Golden Eagle Award 2004, Washington, USA
- New York Festivals 2005: Finalist Award
- Best Film Award Telenatura 2004, Spain
- Nomination for the EU-Commission Descartes Award for “Science Communication” 2005
- 35th Roshd International Film Festival Teheran 2005: “The Golden Prize”

„Behind the Facades – The Secrets of the Vienna Ringstrasse“ - „Hinter den Fassaden – Die Geheimnisse der Wiener Ringstraße“ („Kultur-Universum“ 2004 mit Maximilian Schell für ORF, ARTE, 52 Minuten, Epo-Film)

„Poisoned – Vergiftet!“ (Universum 2004 für ORF, WDR, DDE / USA, 52 Minuten, AV Dokumenta)

Awards - Cine Golden Eagle Award 2005, Washington, USA
- New York Festivals 2006: Finalist Award

„Appalachia - Appalachen“ (Universum 2005 für ORF, WDR, Off the Fence / Holland, 50 Minuten, AV Dokumenta)

Awards - Matsalu Wildlife Filmfestival, Estonia 2005: Best Photography Award
- U.S.International Film-and Video Festival Los Angeles 2006: Silver Screen Award
- Cine Golden Eagle Award 2006, Washington, USA

„NatureTech“ – „BIONIK - Das Genie der Natur“ (Universum 2006 - 3 teilige Serie à 52 Minuten für ORF, ARTE, Smithsonian Channel, BMBWK, MR- Film)

Awards - 2006 CINE Golden Eagle Film and Video Competition Washington, USA: Golden Eagle Award
- CAID International Science Film Festival Athen 2007: Erster Preis, bester Film des Festivals und Publikumsaward
- Nomination for the EU-Commission Descartes Award for „Science Communication“ 2007
- NaturVision Bayern 2007: bester Wissenschaftsfilm, Wissenschaftspreis 2007
- Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2007, USA: „Naturfilm-Oscar“ – Award für „Best Limited Series“
- Baikal International Festival of Documentary Popular Science 2007, Russland: Best Popular-Science Film
- Ekotopfilm 2007, Slowakei: Best Popular Science Film – Science and Technology
- Beijing International Scientific Film Festival 2007 Magazine: Gold Prize
- Nominiert für 2 Emmy-Awards 2008, ausgezeichnet mit Emmy-Award 2008 für Innovative Cinematography
- Wild Screen 2008 Bristol UK: Finalist Award
- New York Festivals 2008: Finalist Award
- EKOFILM 2008 Ceský Krumlov, Czech Republic: Award for best Scientific, Educational Program
- Montana IWFF 2009: Best Scientific Content, Best TV-Series between 250 000$ - 500 000$
- Merit Award for Educational Value, Merit Award for Use of Music

„Tasmanien“ (Universum 2007 für ORF, ARTE, BMUKK, 50 Minuten, AV Dokumenta)

„TimeLimits – Grenzen der Zeit“ (Universum 2008 für ORF , ARTE, BR, BMUKK, 50 Minuten, AV Dokumenta)

Awards - 2008 Cine Golden Eagle Film and Video Competition Washington, USA: Golden Eagle Award
- Science Filmfestival 2008 Goethe Institut Bangkok: Discovery Award
- Wildlife Vaasa Filmfestival 2008: First Prize Science Category
- Montana CINE International 2008: Merit Award for Special Effects &Use of Graphics und Merit Award for Educational Value
- New York Festivals 2009: Finalist Award

„O2 – a molecule that made the world“ (Universum 2008 für ORF, BBC World, BMUKK, 50 Minuten, AV Dokumenta)

Awards - U.S.International Film-and Video Festival Los Angeles 2009: Gold Camera Award
- Banff Achillesmedia 2009: nominiert als bester Wissenschaftsfilm
- Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2009, USA: „Naturfilm-Oscar“ – Award für „Best Earth-Science Film“
- Science Filmfestival 2009 Goethe Institut Bangkok: Preis für beste visuelle Effekte

„Limits of Light“ (Universum 2011 für ORF, ORF-E, BMUKK, 50 Minuten, AV Dokumenta)

Awards - 7th European Environment Festival, Bulgaria: Grand Stork's Nest Prize for best Scientific and Educational film
- Cannes Corporate Media & TV Award 2012, Golden Dolphin, Kategorie “Wissenschaft”
- Wildlife Vaasa Festival 2012, Best Science Film
- New York Film&Video Festivals 2013: Silver World Medal, Category “Science and Technology”

„Planet You“ (Stereoscopic 3D, 2012, 50 Minuten, Terra Mater Factual Studios)

Awards - Jackson Hole Science Media Award 2012 for best Visualization, USA
- New York Film&Video Festivals 2013: Gold World Medal, Category “Science and Technology”
- New York Film&Video Festivals 2013: Gold World Medal , Category “Special Visual Effects”

Science Visualization

The common understanding of modern science research gets more and more difficult as most activities are carried out in the micro- and nanometer range. The base of understanding for outsiders is visibility of these hidden phenomena. The Department of Science Visualization at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria, became specialized in making invisible scientific phenomena visible. Those phenomena are outside of the limits of human perception when being too small, too big,
too fast, too slow, or outside the visible part of the electromagnetic wavelength spectrum. The developments of the Science Visualization group under the leadership of Alfred Vendl are focused on the goal to make phenomena and procedures visible, which take place in the micro- and nanometer range. With help of Light Microscope up to Confocal Mikroscope, Micro-CT (Computer Tomography), different Electron Microscopes like TEM (Transmission Electron Microscope) and ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron
Microscope) in combination with new developed CGI (Computer Generated Imaging) they created visible dynamic sequences of normally invisible procedures to make these procedures understandable for a broad audience. Most of these sequences went into popular TV-productions, for which many international TV-Awards were obtained, among them an EMMY-Award 2008 for outstanding cinematography in the TV-Series “Nature Tech”.


The Science Visualization Team

Producer and Director Alfred Vendl
Microscopy Rudolf Erlach | Stephan Handschuh | Martin Glösmann | Thomas Schwaha | Manfred Walzl
3D Animation Reinhold Fragner | Martina Fröschl


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